Components™ Faucet Collection

Components™ Faucets Collection: Designed to be Designed

The Components™ Collection

Sleek and minimalist, the KOHLER® Components faucet collection exudes calm sophistication. Strong, confident lines create bold and distinctive silhouettes balanced by sensuously smooth, curvaceous forms.

Though contemporary in style, the Components collection draws inspiration from Germany’s celebrated Bauhaus design movement, seamlessly combining understated aesthetics with precision and functionality.

With its broad range of interchangeable spouts and handles, the Components collection provides the choice and diversity you need to create a look and feel that matches your personal inspiration…and your client’s brief.

The KOHLER Components collection demonstrates how state-of-the-art technology can be engineered into minimalist faucets that elevate form and functionality to the highest levels. Handles are smooth and intuitive to use while water flow and temperature can be controlled with satisfying precision.

The Creation of the KOHLER Components Collection

Every element of the Components collection, from spouts and handles to the accessories that complete the space, is designed to feel like a minimalist piece of modern sculpture.

Based in Paris, the design team behind the Components collection sought inspiration for a new contemporary, modular faucet design in the Bauhaus movement and the minimalist aesthetic that dominates much of European architecture, art and design. The result is a contemporary take on minimalist faucets unlike anything else from Kohler.

The collection invites you to design your own signature look by combining a faucet spout with your style of handles. The different spout and handle combinations possible within this curated collection allow you to infuse the room with your style. Once you have found a combination that speaks to your taste, select a finish and bring the entire room together with Components showering designs and accessories.

The handles within this collection were inspired by influences as varied as industrial gauges and pipes to the way we scroll on our smart devices. The result is a series of handles with distinct looks that feature fluid and intuitive control.

The team paid meticulous attention to every line and angle in its pursuit to create the controlled forms and stark precision of the Components spouts. Pure and simple, the spouts are stripped down to the absolute essentials.

With different combinations creating distinct looks, Components is a versatile collection that was designed to be designed. By you.