The Artist Editions Collection

The Artist Editions™ Collection: Elegant Bathroom Sink Designs

The Artist Editions Collection

Our experience of the world is shaped by the things that surround us. The objects we choose express who we are, tell the world what we value, remind us of where we’ve been and who we want to be. That idea holds as true for an artistic bathroom sink as it does for a treasured sculpture.

The KOHLER® Artist Editions™ elegant bathroom sink collection was born from a commitment to the ideal of gracious living, passion for the arts and from an understanding that the functional and the creative can be expressed in a single design statement.

These artistic bathroom sinks are handcrafted from ceramic, stone or glass. Patterns are delicately etched, glazes passionately fired and shapes patiently sculpted from the finest materials. Motifs and forms are inspired by a global palette of influences, creating a bathroom sink design that delivers a look that is rich, surprising and cosmopolitan in its appeal.

Our Artist Editions™ collection harnesses art, craftsmanship and technology elevating the bathroom to a place of special elegance.

Design Story: Uniquely Artistic Bathroom Sinks and Basins

The designers and artisans who make up our Artist Editions™ team spend their days pushing the limits of how far they can take the design of sinks: experimenting, failing, persisting, and being continually surprised by what they discover. They begin this product design process by drawing inspiration from the world around them – the entire world. Poring over architecture, textiles, craftwork and collaborating with fine artists, our designers first imagine and sketch the patterns and designs that skilled craftspeople then painstakingly bring to life.

Taking an artistic sink from concept to finished product is an intensely collaborative and fluid product design process. No matter which material the team is working with – ceramic, glass, bronze or marble – there is a period of “seeing what works” when everyone gets their hands dirty. Some of our most successful products are “happy accidents” – unexpected, but stunning results that the team discovers in the journey to the final design of a sink.

Our team of skilled artisans and material experts are serious perfectionists devoted to their craft. They strive to shape timeless designs that range from smooth and sculptural to intricate and patterned, unique and artistic bathroom sinks and basins that ultimately become an expression of style and personality in the bathroom.



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