A range of powerful, innovative and stylish options.


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Smart Toilets

A design that seamlessly integrates technology into the experience.

Back-to-Wall Toilets

Modern toilet design that maximizes space in smaller bathrooms.

Wall-Hung Toilets

A space-saving option that places the toilet tank behind the wall.

Browse by Pan Shape

Elongated Toilets

A longer bowl shape for added room while seated.

Compact Elongated Toilets

The comfort of an elongated bowl in a round-front footprint.

Round-Front Toilets

A shorter bowl that saves space.

Browse by Trapway Styles

Skirted Trapway

A uniform toilet base from front to back.

Concealed Trapway

A smooth surface where the trapway would otherwise be.

Exposed Trapway

A traditional design where the contours of the trapway can be seen on the side of the toilet.

Smart Toilet Overview

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