Real Rain Overhead Shower Panel

Real Rain™ Overhead Shower Panel

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Real Rain™ Overhead Shower Panel Overview

Few experiences are more exhilarating or invigorating than to find oneself bathed in a refreshing burst of a summer rain shower.

Combining design, technology, and more than a century of innovation in the bathroom, Kohler has developed the Real Rain™ overhead shower panel. One-touch digital technology or an optional manual valve produce a refreshing organic effect that emulates the natural spontaneity of a sudden downpour.

Kohler’s design team learned from the magic of nature. Traditional showerheads deliver streams of water, but Kohler’s Real Rain shower panel dispenses droplets, just as clouds do.  Water accumulates in a reservoir before being released into a broad shower panel and allowed to fall earthward, using gravity instead of water pressure.

The intensity and randomness of the Real Rain shower panel creates an experience that not only looks and feels like a warm summer rain shower, but also sounds like it.  You can adjust the Real Rain shower to your moods too. Crave a sudden deluge? Use Kohler’s one-touch digital controls or a more traditional manual diverter valve to release 1.9 liters of rain over eight seconds. 

Kohler’s Real Rain shower panel brings all the advantages of smart design and a refreshing sensory experience into the bathroom.

The Real Rain™ Design Story

KOHLER® Real Rain overhead shower panel re-creates the sensation of a refreshing summer downpour—delivering an experience that is cleansing, rejuvenating, and natural.

The development of Kohler’s unique Real Rain shower panel started with an in-depth exploration of rain itself. Our teams studied how rain falls, how its droplets differ in size, and even those subtle shifts in the air and the scent of the earth before and after a downpour.

Kohler engineers consulted NASA recordings of rain on the ocean and experimented with water, gravity, and surface tension. Through rapid prototyping and with minute attention to detail, our design team developed a distinctive square-shaped ceiling panel fitted with a silicon sprayface dotted with 775 randomly positioned concave nozzles able to release droplets of water that feel and sound like rain.

Real Rain Overhead Shower Panel

Like natural rainfall, the Real Rain shower panel relies on the pull of gravity to send its droplets earthward. A specially designed reservoir fills with water; the droplets fall softly at first—just as rain does—gradually gathering in strength until the shower feels, sounds, and looks like a warm summer rain shower. For comfort, our designers even introduced a rain-free zone so you can breathe easily while standing in the middle of an invigorating Real Rain downpour.

Real Rain Overhead Shower Panel

Offering flexibility, the Real Rain shower experience can be used with traditional manual controls or can be configured digitally for use with the KOHLER® DTV+™ digital showering system. The unique Real Rain deluge feature works by gathering water while the primary rain feature is running and then, at the push of a button, releasing a half-gallon deluge for eight exhilarating seconds.

In true Kohler style, the Real Rain overhead shower panel blends technology, innovation, and aesthetics to deliver a shower experience unlike any other.

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